The top 5 reasons Charleston Commercial Real Estate is growing

Number 1:

Population Growth: The Charleston MSA has grown 16% over the last 8 years rivaling Austin, Seattle, and Denver according to the census bureau.

Number 2:

The Port of Charleston boasts the deepest water in the southeast region and regularly handles ships too big to transit through the Panama Canal, The Port is one of the largest ports in the United States, ranked in the top 25 by volume. It consists of five terminals, and a sixth terminal set to open in 2018.

Number 3:

International Investment: Thanks in large part to the mission critical characteristics of the port and the area’s low cost of living, Major foreign companies like Boeing, Mercedes, Volvo and many other international manufacturers are calling the region home and continue to make major investments in the area.

Number 4:

South Carolina ranks in the top ten best states for real estate taxes,  the 11th best in overall tax burden. Furthermore it’s a well run state with a fiscal surplus of $177M in 2018.

Number 5:

The Youth Movement: Charleston’s millennial population has grown 58% in recent years, that’s higher than Nashville, Denver, Austin, and Houston (50%).